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CORE Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer three great Visa cards to meet the needs of our members; Classic, Platinum, and Student Visa Cards.  The cards feature great low rates and a reward point program.

For Information If Your Visa
Card Has Been Lost/Stolen: 1-800-872-1712

Our Visa classic card offers exceptional benefits and include some of the most competitive terms you'll find anywhere! In addition, every dollar charged to your CORE Visa earns you a ScoreCard point. These points can be traded for merchandise or gift certificates. You can also obtain travel discounts when you book through the ScoreCard Travel Center! Other benefits include:

  • CORE Classic VISAOur lower rate of only 11.9% APR* for new purchases and 12.5% APR* for cash advances
  • No annual fee
  • 25-day grace period
  • No penalty for members who pay in full each month
  • No per transaction fees
  • Cash advances
  • Worldwide merchant acceptance
  • 24 Hour Credit Card Information
  • Visa Scorecard Rewards

CORE Platinum CardCORE is proud to also offer a Visa Platinum card. It has a low fixed interest rate of 8.9% APR, along with a larger credit line for members who want the convenience of a single, high level credit card to use for all of their purchasing needs.

As an added bonus all Visa Platinum cards will receive a special 5.9% APR balance transfer rate for the first 6 billing cycles the card is open, to allow members to save even more when they transfer balances from other higher rate credit cards.

The Platinum card has other benefits such as free travel accident insurance and an enhanced Scorecard rewards program, where points can be redeemed for valuable prizes and air travel more quickly than standard Scorecard rewards programs.

Like our Visa Classic card, members will have a generous 3 to 4 year time frame to redeem their Scorecard points.

Visa Classic members who qualify may apply to be upgraded to Platinum and your current Scorecard points will be transferred to your new Platinum card.

CORE Classic VISASpecial Student Visa Rate

CORE's Visa provides you with a special student rate for 2 years, when you need it the most. Compare our rates with those charged by other cards.

Any CORE Visa card allows you to pay off your entire purchase balance in full each month, without incurring any finance charges. Your Visa can cost absolutely nothing to use.

Convenience and Accessibility:
Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can get cash 24-7. Your Visa accesses thousands of ATM's displaying the Visa logo. Cash advances are available at financial institutions throughout the Visa Global Network.

Visa Disclosures
  Visa Classic Visa Platinum Student Visa
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
For Purchases
11.90% 8.90%
(for the first 2 years)
Other APR's Balance Transfer 12.50%
Cash Advance 12.50%
(Special Balance Transfer APR 5.90% for 1st 6 billing cycles)
Cash Advance 8.90%
Variable Rate Information N/A N/A N/A
Grace Period to Pay Purchase Balance in Full Without Finance Charge 25 days 25 days 25 days
Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases Average Daily Balance Excluding New Purchases Average Daily Balance Excluding New Purchases Average Daily Balance Excluding New Purchases
Annual Fee None None None
Minimum Finance Charge None None None
Transaction Fee for Purchases None None None
Transaction Fee for Cash Advance None None None
Over the Credit Limit Fee None None None
Late Payment Fee $25.00 $25.00 $25.00
New York residents may contact the New York State banking department to obtain a comparative listing of credit card rates, fees and grace periods by calling 1-800-522-3330.
Telephone: (315) 656-8220
Fax: (315) 656-9389
Toll Free: 1-877-479-2042
For Information If Your Mastercard
Debit Card Has Been Lost/Stolen:

For Information If Your Mastercard
Credit Card Has Been Lost/Stolen:


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